Sunday 5 September 2010

Show Winner

Oldbury Duet

Oldbury Duet was found as a variegated sport of Tip Top Duet by Oldbury Nurseries.   This stunning plant was grown and exhibited by Ken Abel and won Best in Show at The Pelargonium & Geranium Society First National show at Hinckley in 2009.   

Ken is the U.K.'s top pelargonium exhibitor and grows the most beautiful plants.  He is also very keen and willing to show others how he grows his plants and he has a really good website with lots of growing and showing advice :    Also listed are photographs from most of the shows around the country.  Do take a look.

The Pelargonium & Geranium Society was formed last year, the two previous UK Pelargonium and Geranium Societies having merged to form one society.   UK membership is just £10 per year for single membership.  The Society issues four magazines each year which has interesting articles on growing and showing pelargoniums and geraniums, new varieties, readers letters, and more.  See the website for more information and overseas subscription rates:

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