Monday 20 January 2014

"Copthorne" - Scented leaf Pelargonium

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how I love scented leaf pelargoniums, especially at this time of year when botrytis rules in the greenhouse, and there always seems to be a constant battle with  it.   Brushing against the leaves, of a scented pelargonium, or even just picking one up in its pot, releases the scent of summer.   

Scented Pelargonium  "Copthorne"
The scented Pelargonium "Copthorne", is a favourite of mine.  It has beautifully marked large pink flowers and looks really good in a large pot on the patio,.  I try to keep one going in a large pot in  the greenhouse over the winter.  I cut it back in the autumn, taking a few cutting at the same time.   Now the days are beginning, ever so slightly, to lengthen,  I can see that Pelargonium "Copthorne" is beginning to put on some new growth.

The leaves are tri-lobed with a scent of cedar wood, but not strongly so.  I love it for the large pink and well marked flowers.   Pelargonium "Copthorne" is a cross between the Regal “Aztec” and an “Oak leaf pelargonium, was raised by Annie Popperwell .   Thorpe nursery introduced Copthorne in 1985.   

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Stellar Pelargonium "Faye Brawner"

The basic stellar "Faye Brawner"  has unusual white flowers speckled with pale pink, darker pink and purple, and is a cross between Bobberstone and Purple Star.  The leaves are green.

Brian West named this for the well known pelargonium plants woman Faye Brawner.  Faye herself has hybridised many pelargoniums, and is an avid collector of these lovely plants.  She has written two books on pelargoniums.  One is Scented Geraniums - Knowing, Growing and Enjoying Scented Pelargoniums, which she wrote with Jim Becker.  The other is Geraniums - the complete Encyclopaedia.  Both these books are well worth adding to you library.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Miniature Stellar pelargonium "Crystal West" and more pics. from my trip to Australia

Miniature Stellar "Crystal West"
The miniature stellar "Crystal West" is another introduced by the late Brian West and named for a family member,  The single white flowers are speckled and splashed with a dark salmon colour.   The leaves are a dark green.  "Crystal West" is a cross between "Brading" and "Golden Starburst" and was introduced through Denmead Nursery.  I find this one flowers all summer long.

The third small pelargonium nursery I visited was at the home of Paul and Annette Sabel who live at  Port Elliott, South Australia.  Like the Frahn's, Paul and Annette grow their pelargoniums in polytunnels and sell their plants at local plant sales in the early summer.  The profits of their sales go to a national charity.  Paul and Annette have a beautiful garden, and also keep chickens (or chooks).  We were given a box of fresh eggs to take home, which was most generous.

Ivy leaf pelargonium tower