Monday 16 December 2013

Dwarf Zonal Pelargonium "Ben Nevis" and another Australian Pelargonium nursery

Ben Nevis - Dwarf Zonal

"Ben Nevis"" is a double white flowered dwarf zonal pelargonium and is unusual in that it has a slight green tinge when the buds are opening.  Once fully opened, there is no hint of green, but a very slight pink colour in the white.  The foliage is mid green with no zoning.   "Ben Nevis", named after the highest mountain in the U.K, was introduced in 1982 by Payne.


My second pelargonium trip when I was in South Australia was to the home and small nursery of Ann  and Frank Frahn.  They sell their plants in and around Adelaide at various local markets.   Their home with small nursery consisting of two poly tunnels (Australians call them igloos) is situated in the Inman Valley and has the most wonderful views towards the coast.  

Sunday 1 December 2013


'Duncan Eagles' - zonal pelargonium
'Duncan Eagles' is a basic zonal pelargonium with  pink petals and, unusually, red spots and splashes and has green leaves.  This is another pelargonium raised by the late Brian West of the Isle of Wight, UK.   It is a cross between Brading and Golden Stardust.

During my recent visit to Adelaide in Australia I went to see Elaine Ward.   Elaine is not a relation of mine, although we share the same surname.  I had met Elaine on my last few visit to Adelaide when she was the President of The South Australian Geranium & Pelargonium Society Inc.   She has recently moved into a new home – still at the same address but in a newly built house.    With her son they built two adjoining properties , and Elaine now has a much smaller house and garden which is much easier for her to manage, with the added bonus of her son living next door to help if needed.   These photo’s are of Elaine’s new back yard, which is much easier for her to manage now.