Tuesday 4 July 2017

Warrenorth Emerald - tri-coloured leaf zonal & Crawley Pelargonium Show

"Warrenorth Emerald"
This one of my favourite tri-coloured leaf zonal pelargonium.  I usually grow it in a pot by my front door each summer.  The front door is in shade for most of the day, apart from very early morning (before I am up!) and the situation seems to suit this plant well.  The leaves shine and I also get flowers.  Warrenorth Emerals was raised by Andrew Simmons and released through the Warrenorth Nursery.  I don't know the year, but this was one of a series that Andrew released all named for gems.

I drove over to Crawley a couple of Saturdays ago to see the Crawley Horticultural Society Show.  This is their summer show and incorporates the Pelargonium Show.   I was very impressed at the size of the pelargonium section and the standard of the plants.   A show I will definitely go back to.

The Club Cutting - this was Bembridge