Saturday 30 June 2018

Fibrex Nurseries 60th Anniversary Show Weekend - before the show

It was a wonderful weekend - the weather was not perfect, but it was dry and warm.  I arrived on Friday afternoon to help wherever help was needed.  I was first set to making fudge balls from Heather's Smellie Pellie fudge.  These were to go into Gift Bags which had been made by the family over the winter. The Gift bangs also contained either Smellie Pellie Cookies or Smellie Pellie hard drops.  A pencil and labels, a jar of Smellie Pellie Jelly.  All made with Heather's pelargonium oil that she distills - more on this later. 

I did some sweeping up, helping put up bunting, helped groom a couple of large plants and gathered pelargonium flowers to put in small jars on the tables.   I really enjoyed the afternoon. 

Here are some photo's I took just before I left to book into my hotel for the weekend.

fibrec 60th Aan niversary