Thursday 12 December 2019

Zonal Pelargonium "Sammi Brougham"

Sammi Brougham

This is another superb pelargonium raised by the late BrianWest.   "Sammi Brougham" is a silver bi-coloured leaf single pelargonium with red and white speckled and splashed petals.  It is across between "Chelsea Star" and "Quest" and was released through Fibrex Nurseries.    Unfortunately, I do not have a date for when it was released.

David Taylor trained "Sammi Brougham" into a Standard which won Best in Show when he entered it in the 2018 Pelargonium & Geranium Society National Pelargonium Show at Fibrex Nurseries

The Greenhouses have now been bubble-wrapped, apart from the very top, which I will leave for a few weeks to see if the weather turns very cold.  This usually happens after Christmas here in the UK, so I like to leave as much light through into the greenhouse for as long as possible.    We have had a couple of light frosts, and I just covered the plants over with fleece for the night.   

The cuttings are OK so far, but I find they usually are until we get the cold weather.   I have lost two or three to botrytis.   Most of the seedlings are indoors in the spare bedroom. 

It is nearly the winter solstice when the sun is at its lowest here.  After that, there will be an 'oh so slow' return to more daylight hours.  We have had such a lot of rain here this past six weeks or so - almost every day it has rained, or been damp and dull.  We do need some bright crisp days before spring.

I will wish you all a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for a peaceful year in 2020.