Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Warrenorth Emerald - tri-coloured leaf zonal & Crawley Pelargonium Show

"Warrenorth Emerald"
This one of my favourite tri-coloured leaf zonal pelargonium.  I usually grow it in a pot by my front door each summer.  The front door is in shade for most of the day, apart from very early morning (before I am up!) and the situation seems to suit this plant well.  The leaves shine and I also get flowers.  Warrenorth Emerals was raised by Andrew Simmons and released through the Warrenorth Nursery.  I don't know the year, but this was one of a series that Andrew released all named for gems.

I drove over to Crawley a couple of Saturdays ago to see the Crawley Horticultural Society Show.  This is their summer show and incorporates the Pelargonium Show.   I was very impressed at the size of the pelargonium section and the standard of the plants.   A show I will definitely go back to.

The Club Cutting - this was Bembridge


Monday, 26 June 2017

The Pelargonium &Geranium Society National Pelargonium Show 2017

Our Show this year was held in the new hall at RHS Rosemoor.    It is a splendid facility and showed the plants off to their very best.   We had record entries and the standard was extremely high.  

Angel Pelargonium "Quantock Monty" - won Best New Seedling for Keith Bush who grew
 the plant on for the late Ken Dymond and named for his youngest grandson.

Angel Pelargonium "Quantock Monty"
Zonal Pelargonium "Bembridge" won Best in Show for Ian Anderson.

Friday, 9 June 2017

"Chelsea Star" Silver bi-colour zonal pelargonium and pelargoniums at RHS Wisley

"Chelsea Star"

The delicate pale pink and white double flowers on "Chelsea Star" contrast well with the silver bi-coloured leaves.   This zonal pelargonium was raised by the late Brian West of the UK and released through Warrenorth's Nursery (no longer in business).

Leaves of "Chelsea Star"

Anne came to stay over for a couple of nights.  On our way home after I had picked her up we stopped off at Wisley - well we had to pass the door, so why not?   RHS Wisley Gardens always put on a splendid display of pelargoniums in the Glasshouse in May and early June.   I did not think it was so good this year, but the weather has been playing havoc with our plants, and the display had not been up long.  However, we enjoyed it, and Anne was impressed.

Here are three pictures of the display I took on my phone - sorry they are not too good as we were there late in the afternoon on a very dull wet day:-

Monday, 8 May 2017

Angel Pelargonium "Simple Sister"

"Simple Sister" - Angel Pelargonium

One of the earliest pelargoniums to flower in my greenhouse "Simple Sister" has, as her name suggests, simple flowers of white with a large pink blotch on each petal.  It is most charming as it is covered in these simple flowers all summer long. It has an upright growth habit, with small leaves. Raised by Jay Kapac, USA

I have just taken down the bubble wrap and hoping we don't get a sudden hard frost as we did last week.    I have also made a start on potting on the plants I brought back from Sweden.  They are in 3 1/2" black square pots, and most of them now are desperate to be moved on into a larger pot.   

I've also made a start on potting up a few more Unique's and larger scented pelargoniums into planters for display outside in the summer. I did lose some over the winter, but have replacements.   I will be so pleased to get these planters out of the greenhouse and into their summer home.   They are moved outside each day to harden off and hope they can be moved out permanently by the end of this month.  

Hanging Pots have also been potted up with Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums and hope for a good display this summer.    I think there are six hanging pots, each with a different variety of Ivy Leaf Pelargonium.

Friday, 24 March 2017

"Hilda Lea" - Coloured leaf Zonal Pelargonium & Shopping trip to Sweden

The coloured leaf zonal pelargonium"Hilda Lea" is one of my favourites,and I look forward to her flowering every year.    Raised by Ken Lea, UK.   The double salmon coloured flowers above the gold tri-coloured  leaves, make this a most attractive plant for any pelargonium collection.

Which leads me nicely to the recent shopping trip I made to Sweden to stay with my friend Anne.   Anne had very kindly invited both me and Liga to stay and to visit with her the well known Sune Trygg nursery.  After picking us up from the airport, Anne took on us a trip to two garden centres and a wonderful nursery with an orchid exhibition.   On the Saturday we set off for our planned trip to Sune Trygg, picking up Gunilla on the way.  Sune Trygg had opened their nursery just for the day to members of the local pelargonium clubs. Here are a few pictures I took at the nursery.

Liga making her selections

Anne and Gunilla chatting to the owner
Thank you Anne for a wonderful visit.

If you want to see more of the Sune Trygg nursery and the visits Liga and I went on with Anne, head over to You Tube for Liga's excellent videos

Day 1, part 1   https://youtu.be/i-Fy-ehxnyM

Day 1, part 2    https://youtu.be/hsBDc0nS6S0

Day 2         https://youtu.be/k7RRAJ2mivk

Monday, 13 February 2017

"Gemston" - Angel Pelargonium and some free cuttings

"Gemston" Angel Pelargonium

Gemston, Angel Pelargonium.  I have no other information other than it was first mentioned in the 1992 Year Book of The British and European Geranium Society.  It must also be in the National Collection of Pelargoniums at Fibrex Nursery where this picture was taken.   Gemston has magenta pink flowers, top petals slightly darker and with white centre and feathering.    As with many of the Angel Pelargonium, the foliage is scented.

Steve Pollard gave a talk at  the Farnborough Fuchsia & Pelargonium Group that we both belong to – Steve is Chairman of the Society, and also of the Pelargonium & Geranium Society.    He told the members what we should be doing with our club cuttings at this time of year to be ready for the Annual Pelargonium Show in June.    He also brought along several of his plants that needed cutting back.  He did say this should have been done at the end of last summer but, as happens to all of us from time to time, he had not been able to get round to all of his plants. It is not too late to do this job, so luckily for us, he showed us how to take cuttings and many of us came away with cutting material for some new plants.   Thank you Steve.