Saturday 23 December 2017

Dwarf Zonal Pelargonium "Jip's Pedlars Lace" and Seasons Greetings

Zonal Pelargonium "Jip's Pedlars Lace"

This has to be one of the most delicately coloured pelargoniums around.  Palest pink and pale blush pink semi-double flowers.  Raised by Tony Burgess in the UK.

This is my last post for 2017.  I send my very warmest wishes to you for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   

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Tuesday 5 December 2017

Regal Pelargonium "Marie Rudling" and Adelaide Botanical Gardens

"Marie Rudling" - Regal Pelargonium
I spotted this at the Show in Adelaide when I was there in October.     The dark colours really caught my eye on the sales bench.  I can't find out anything about this Regal Pelargonium and I would be grateful if one of my Australian readers would let me know if they know the history of it.

My last visit to Adelaide Botanical gardens was on my very first trip to Australia in 1988. When my sister suggested a visit there on my recent trip I readily agreed.  I can't say I remember very much about it, but one or two places seemed familiar.    Our main reason for visiting was to see the Wisteria Arch which was in full flower.  I hope you agree, it did look magnificent.

 The Water Lily House

I remember this glass monument made from sheets of glass and situated in front of the large tropical glasshouse

The tropical Glasshouse.  I was quite disappointed in this, but perhaps I was there at the wrong time of year.  

This is Grevillea "Peaches and Cream" growing outside the glasshouse

 A pretty glad with a monument to the Brownies

Close-up of the Brownie monument

 This wrought iron arbour was erected in memory of Elvis Presley

I loved the bark on this tree 

I couldn't resist  a couple of photo's of the bark

 Succulent and Cacti Glasshouse

Sophie in the Grotto

Can you spot the lizard?

Sophie demonstrating how large the roots are on this Morton Bay Fig


Wednesday 29 November 2017

Zonal Pelargonium "Edwards Joyce" The South Australian Pelargonium Show

Edwards Joyce is one of the beautiful pelargoniums raised by the well known Australian hybridiser, Marj Edwards.

I took this photograph at the South Australian Geranium & Pelargonium Society Annual Show.   I have close family in Adelaide who I love to visit as much as I can, usually every couple of years or so, but I am also a member of SAGPS.   I was honoured to once again judge the Best in Show together with Marj Edwards.  Although the standard was very high and there were several plants we could have chosen, we jointly agreed on this magnificent plant of Appleblossom Rosebud, grown and exhibited by Paul Sabel.  Well done Paul.  It's a beautiful plant and we had never seen so many flowers on Appleblossom Rosebud.

The following are some photographs of the plant sales.    This is a huge event with members of the public coming from far and wide to attend and purchase beautiful well-grown pelargoniums

 Setting up

Bringing in the plants

Rodger Argent (in red cap) checks his plants are still in good condition after the drive from his home.

Joyce Gepp directs proceedings

Heather Heinecke checks the plants

A final check by Lorraine Kernick and Rodger Argent

Early purchases

Ready for the customers

Interstate visitors and me
Janet Martin, WA, Marj Edwards, Vic. Ken Pilgrim, Lorraine Pilgrim, Vic.
Me (UK) and Mark of Marks Plants People Nature Facebook page.

I was contacted a few days ago by Thompson & Morgan asking if I would mind them mentioning this blog on their blog? Would I Mind?   Of course I wouldn't mind.   Today I received a note in my InBox saying the blog was out and giving me the link which I will add below.  Of course, you will all have seen my blogs that it mentions, but there are eleven more garden and flower blogs mentioned for you to enjoy as well.
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