Tuesday 23 April 2019

Regal Pelargonium "Anne Hoystead"

The dark red upper petals and slightly deeper red lower petals of regal pelargonium "Anne Hoystead" look stunning with the sun shining on them.     "Anne Hoystead" was raised in Australia in 1982 by the late Des Saddington.

I've been potting on rooted cuttings and taking more cuttings.   Time ran out for me at the end of last summer and I didn't cut back as many plants as I should have.  So, I am ashamed to say I have a lot, yes a lot, of very leggy plants. So these are the ones I have been taking cuttings from.   I might get flowers on them later in the year.   I'll let you now.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Gold leaf Stellar Pelargonium "Staplers"

Gold leaf Stellar pelargonium "Staplers"

My friend Anne in Sweden gave me this a couple of years ago and it flowered for the first time last year.   It really is very attractive.  Raised by Brian West, Staplers is across between "Sandown" and "Golden Glitter" and was introduced by Warrenorth Nursery.

I have been busy potting on the cuttings I took late last year and some I took earlier this year.   This is the time of year I always feel I should get another greenhouse (I have two).  Plants are packed far too closely and I long for warmer days when I can put some of them outside or into one or both of the small plastic greenhouses.

Also, I have been putting edging around one of the vegetable beds.  The previous edging rotted away and needed replacing.    I find I have far too much soil in these two beds so I have been slowly distributing around the rest of the garden.   I am looking forward to growing vegetables this year now that the dreaded Leylandii are gone.