Monday 24 March 2014

"Jips Timmy - Dwarf tricolour zonal pelargonium

"Jips Timmy" Dwarf tri-coloured zonal pelargonium
Another beautiful pelargonium from Tony Burgess.   Jips Timmy has beautiful double pale pink flowers set against well zoned tri-coloured leaves.    At this time of year, with still fairly low light levels, the coloured leaf pelargoniums come into their own.   Tony released this three years ago, in 2011

Saturday 15 March 2014

Wirral Sunlight -Golden tri-colour zonal pelargonium

Golden tri-coloured zonal "Wirral Sunlight"

Introduced by Ken Lea, "Wirral Sunlight" is a golden tri-coloured zonal pelargonium.  At this time of year, the coloured leaves are always at their best.

Ken Lea has introduced several pelargoniums with the pre-fix 'Wirral' which is a peninsula in North West England, close to Liverpool. The River Dee is to the West, forming a boundary with Wales, and on the East is the River Mersey and the North is the Irish Sea.  The area is often referred to as The Wirral.

Golden tri-coloured leaves of "Wirral Sunlight"

Photographs were taken by me at Fibrex Nurseries

Monday 10 March 2014

Dwarf Zonal Pelargonium "Angelique"

When I first started growing pelargoniums seriously some twenty-five odd years ago (as opposed to buying a few zonals from the garden centre and putting them in planters in the summer), the dwarf zonal pelargonium "Angelique" was one of my first purchases.   I loved the clean rich dark pink colour of the double flowers, and the fact that it was a compact dwarf plant.  The leaves are a mid-green with a slightly darker zone.  It was a new variety then, and I still grow it. It was introduced by a Mr Maudsley in 1987. In the greenhouse it is now just coming into flower.  It's a bit straggly and I need to take a few cuttings.   I should have done this at the end of last summer, and in fact, I have several that need to be cut back and cuttings taken.but I was away for most of September and October, and life just got busy, as it does.  It's not too late, and I have already started taking a few cuttings off several plants.

Monday 3 March 2014

Rockwell Sophie - Gold leaf Angel Pelargonium

Angel Pelargonium "Rockwell Sophie"
This is a new plant to me - I was given a cutting last year, and it has yet to flower.   "Rockwell Sophie" was introduced in 2010 by M.Darch,   My photograph was taken last year at Fibrex Nurseries.  The lower flowers of "Rockwell Sophie" are a dark pink with a hint of mauve and a dark blotch and with darker upper petals.  What makes this Angel Pelargonium stand out are the leaves - an unusual bright golden colour which do not fade or darken over the year.