Saturday 11 January 2020

Dwarf Zonal Pelargonium "Diane Louise"

Raised by the late well known Brian West, Diane Louise was introduced in the UK by Denmead Nurseries.  I cannot find which year.  This is across between Holly West, a zonal,  and Golden Glitter, a stellar.   When I met Brian West in 2005 he told me that he named this for a little girl who lived locally to him and who had died in a road accident.   Brian very kindly gave me another zonal that he said was from the same seed as Diane Louise.   The flowers are double and deep pink with a paler reverse.  I have not given it an official name, but call it Diane Louise Pink.

Not a lot going on in the greenhouse just now.   I am hoping to sow some seed shortly and also take some cuttings.    Due to the continuous rain we had in December I have had to battle botrytis in one of the greenhouses.  Oddly the other greenhouse seems to be more or less clear of it.   It has also been extraordinarily mild this winter, and I have not yet had to use the heaters.  A couple of nights when the temperature dipped to freezing I spread fleece over the plants, which keeps them warm.