Saturday 19 September 2015

Rushmoor Golden Ruffles

Rushmoor Golden Ruffles

Raised by Steve Pollard in 2006 "Rushmoor Golden Ruffles" was introduced by Gosbrook Nursery in 2011.  The double flowers are a soft shell pink set against golden foliage on an upright growing stellar with a short jointed habit.  The flowers on this positively glow in the greenhouse.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Vectis Sparkler - Stellar Pelargonium - and Dahlias in the garden

"Vectis Sparkler" - Stellar Pelargonium

I love these multi-petalled stellar pelargoniums - they would be called 'double', but I think some of them, like "Vectis Sparkler" is more than just 'double'.  

"Vectis Sparkler" was hybridised by Brian West and introduced in 2001.  The pale pink petals are spotted and striped in a darker pink and contrast nicely with the gold leaves. 

I don't have space in my garden for many dahlias, but I grow these each year.  They are the well known red "Bishop of Llandaff" and orange "David Howard".  The red and orange colours compliment each other well I think.