Sunday 27 May 2018

Zonartic Pelargoniums - a surprise yellow flower

Unicorn Diva - zonartic pelargonioum
I just had to show you the surprise I had when I went to my small plastic greenhouse in which I have just moved my zonartic pelargoniums for the summer.   One of them has a yellow flower!   I am thrilled.  I have had this plant for a couple of years with the label "Zonartic (i) I).  As I didn't have a name for it, I just let it get on and do it's own thing, so it is a tall and straggly plant.    I did know that it had been in a naming competition on a Swedish Facebook Page, but I had not kept a list of the eventual names of the twenty or so zonartics.  I posted a photo of my yellow flower and noted the label name I have and one of the members gave me the correct name which is "Unicorn Diva" - a name which suits her admirably I think.  I do in fact have another Unicorn Diva, but that one has yet to flower.   Unicorn Diva raised and released by Lena Lunquist, Sweden.

One of the zonartics in that competition is one which I would dearly love to have.  This is one that I named "Purple Rain" - single flowers and, obviously a purple colour.