Sunday 18 July 2021

"Stenbury" Miniature tri-coloured leaf zonal


The miniature tri-coloured zonal "Stenbury" was raised by the late Brian West and introduced through Denmead Nursery.  The leaves are tri-coloured and unusual in that they are not bright, but 'dusky. The flowers are double reddish-pink.   I haven't gown "Stenbury" for several years and I was lucky to get a plant when I visited Fibrex earlier this year.

Well, it's been a while since I was on this Blog.  Nineteen months in fact.  A lot has happened in that time and everything in the world has changed completely.   Covid-19 has taken its toll on everyone, and it still is.  Here in the UK, we are due to have an easing of lockdown on Monday, but numbers are rising again, so it is possible we will be back in another lockdown.   Brian and I have both had our two 'jabs', but we will still be cautious when we are out and about.    

Since I last wrote I have retired as Membership Secretary of The Pelargonium & Geranium Society, although I am still managing the Direct Debit payments.    I am still on the committee, and we have had several meetings via Zoom.   We seem to have achieved far more than we would have with our usual three meetings and AGM.  I would be happy to continue with Zoom. It saves us a lot of money in room hire, not to mention the time each of us individually takes to drive to the meetings.  Sadly we had to cancel our two National shows, last year and this, because of the restrictions.  We did hold two Virtual Shows online, which were a great success.   You can see this year's show here.

I hope to be back again soon.