Monday 15 September 2014

Bi-Coloured leaf zonal pelargonium "Mrs Mappin"

Bi-Coloured leaf zonal pelargonium "Mrs Mappin"

"Mrs Mappin" is beautiful! -   She has single flowers of the palest pink with slightly darker ‘eye’.  She is a  zonal pelargonium and her leaves are silver and green bi-coloured.  She stands tall and proud in the greenhouse. 

Bi-Coloured zonal pelargonium "Mrs Mappin"

"Mrs Mappin" was introduced circa 1988 in John Thorpe’s catalogue.   Sometimes in catalogues she is referred to as "Mrs J Mappin".  Does anyone know who Mrs Mappin was/is?

Leaves of "Mrs Mappin"

Friday 5 September 2014

"Little Alice" Dwarf Zonal Pelargonium & A Visit to a Show in Toronto

"Little Alice" Dwarf zonal pelargonium
I have had "Little Alice" in my collection almost since I first began to collect pelargoniums.  This dwarf zonal pelargonium produces an abundance of bright salmon/orange double flowers.  The leaves are a well zoned dark green.  Little Alice is a good exhibition plant as it has a naturally compact and bushy habit.   Introduced in the UK by Ken Lea in the late 1980’s.

Last month I attended the Annual Show in Toronto of  the Geranium, Pelargonium & Fuchsia Society of Ontario with Sandy Connerley and Jean Hausermann.   The Show was held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens and  was well attended by exhibitors, members and visitors.  Here are a few photo’s I took of the Show.   Many thanks to all the members of the Society for making us so welcome.