Monday 29 February 2016

"Jips Bunjy" - Dwarf coloured leaf pelargonium

"Jips Bunjy"
The coloured leaf pelargoniums come into their own at this time of year, and "Jips Bunjy" is certainly doing her best to show off her stunning leaves.    Raised by Tony Burgess (UK), the soft mauve pink double flowers have a small central white eye.   No flowers yet on my plant, but the leaves more than make up for the lack of flowers.  

Jips Bunjy can be obtained through Fibrex Nurseries.   Take a look at their other plants by clicking on the link.

Weather still appallingly chilly and very windy here.  My plants are just ticking over and I have had to have the heating on overnight several times now.   Despite being told this winter had been the warmest on record, I have definitely had the heaters on more this winter than I did last winter.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Win Ellison - Stellar Pelargonium

Stellar Pelargonium "Win Ellison"
Raised by the late Brian West, Win Ellison is a double stellar with bright pink flowers with a white throat, Win Ellison is a cross between Vectis Sunshine and Sammi Brougham.

There is not a lot going on just now in the greenhouses, apart from checking over the plants and removing any dead or dying leaves.  The weather is still dampish and chilly, and we have had a couple of hard frosts when the temperatures have plummeted, so the heaters have had to be turned on overnight.   The plants have had a watering with high nitrogen feed so I am hoping that when warmer weather arrives, hopefully soon, there will be some good growth to be seen.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

"Charmay Marjorie" - Angel Pelargonium

Angel Pelargonium - "Charmay Marjorie"

"Charmay Marjorie" an Angel Pelargonium was raised by Ken Attfield of Australia before 1999.   The large flowers are a pale lavender colour with a deep mauve blotch on the upper petals.  It has an upright habit and is short jointed.    Ken named this plant for Marj Edwards, who is another well known Australian Hybridiser.

The weather here is chilly and we have had some very strong winds.   Fortunately only two or three frosty nights, so heaters have not been on often.  A couple of  chilly, frost-free nights I covered the plants over with fleece.      I am still feeding with a balanced feed, but my next feel I will move to half-strength High Nitrogen  to kick start the plants into growth.    Once into March I will revert back to the balanced feel for several weeks.   Some of the autumn cuttings have been potted on, and I still have a few more to do.