Wednesday 17 February 2016

Win Ellison - Stellar Pelargonium

Stellar Pelargonium "Win Ellison"
Raised by the late Brian West, Win Ellison is a double stellar with bright pink flowers with a white throat, Win Ellison is a cross between Vectis Sunshine and Sammi Brougham.

There is not a lot going on just now in the greenhouses, apart from checking over the plants and removing any dead or dying leaves.  The weather is still dampish and chilly, and we have had a couple of hard frosts when the temperatures have plummeted, so the heaters have had to be turned on overnight.   The plants have had a watering with high nitrogen feed so I am hoping that when warmer weather arrives, hopefully soon, there will be some good growth to be seen.


  1. We had very cold last Wednesday,i was out all evening come back home and got in panic,,,but thanks goodness all end up good.It looks like that now,hope i won't get some unpleasant surprises later on.

  2. This geranium is wonderful. The flower has a beautiful color and flakes. I hope that the weather will improve and it will be warmer. Regards.


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