Friday 18 March 2016

Peggy West - Dwarf Gold leaf zonal pelargonium

Dwarf gold leaf zonal pelargonium "Peggy West"
Raised by the late Brian West, this one is named for his wife Peggy, and introduced around 1989.    The peachy salmon double flowers of "Peggy West" contrast nicely against the gold leaves.    This is a dwarf plant with a slightly sprawling habit.

I have taken a few more cuttings using the new Peat Free Coir Plugs I got on eBay.    The cuttings I took a few weeks ago have now mostly rooted.  I really like these plugs as they are slightly smaller than the ones I previously used, and I find the filling does not fall out so easily. Each plug of coir is enclosed within a small 'envelope' of fibrous fabric, which I am told rots away easily.  I will take a picture of them for my next post.

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  1. Lovely color and have liked me in boxes on the balcony. Regards.


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