Monday 7 March 2016

"Happy Thought" and "Pink Happy Thought" - zonal pelargoniums

"Happy Thought"
The butterfly zoned bi-coloured zonal pelargonium “Happy Thought” will be making an appearance in our garden centres very soon, if not already, in readiness for summer bedding displays here in the UK.  This is also sometimes called “A Happy Thought”.

An old variety, “Happy Thought” was introduced in the UK in 1873 by Lynes.  The flowers are Cherry Red and single.   The leaves of this plant are also as attractive as the flowers, having a central white butterfly zone and a wide bright green edge.  In some light a faint red zone can be seen.

It’s continued popularity is probably due to it being a vigorous plant, quickly growing into a well shaped medium, large plant.  Ideal for our short summers.

"Pink Happy Thought"

Sometimes also available in our garden centres is “Pink Happy Thought”.  This is apparently a sport from “Happy Thought” and introduced in the USA.  Again, this has single flowers, but the flowers are an attractive mauve-pink colour.  The leaves have a central gold or ivory butterfly zoning with a faint red zone and a dark green edge.  It often reverts to a plain green leaf.  The plant is more spindly and lax than “Happy Thought”.

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