Tuesday 5 April 2016

"Sweet Jess" - Rosebud type zonal pelargonium - and coir plugs

The Rosebud type zonal pelargonium “Sweet Jess” is a recent acquisition for me.   Followers of my Blog will know that I have a penchant for buying pelargoniums with names that have some relevance for me.   My second grand daughter is named Jessica – so of course, I had to have this one, apart from the fact it is really beautiful – as is our own Jessica.  

This dwarf zonal pelargonium, “Sweet Jess” was introduced in the UK by Hodgson in 1996.  The rosebud type flowers are a delicate light rose pink and the leaves are a mid  green with a brown blotch.

As promised in my last blog here are some photo’s of the Coir plugs I recently bought on eBay.
I am really pleased with these.  As you will see in the last photograph, they are much smaller than the coir plugs I used previously.  These were open top and bottom, just in a 'sleeve', so if the plugs dried out on a hot day, the coir tended to fall out.   These new Jiffy plugs are folded at one end so the filling does not fall out.   I have yet to find out if the sleeves rot away.

Cuttings above are: P. fulgidum, P. "W.I. Celebration" and P."Redondo".


  1. Looks good,,i got Rootit plugs,I do not think i will use them for pellies.I got scented pelargoniums rooted in them.All look ok,but when you take plant out off pot and check stem at root ball,,that sponge is all wet,where soil around is not.I know what it mean in future,,i can easy rot it with watering.

  2. I've used those sponge type plugs as well Liga and am not too happy using them for pellies. I did like the larger coir plugs - they disappeared into the pot soil and I am sure the new smaller ones will as well. They have some very strong looking roots, not shown so well in the pic.

    1. So i had right idea,,thanks,will use them sponges for something else.

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  4. Never she had not done this, so I have no idea what is good. I buy seedlings already ready. Regards.


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