Monday 18 April 2011

Freak of Nature and garden flowers

One pelargonium that stands out in the greenhouse is Freak of Nature.  Apart from the stunning single vermillion red flowers, it is the unusual white leaves edged in green that catch the eye.   It is a dwarf and slow growing pelargonium on stems which are also white.   This is not a new variety, having been introduced by a Mr Gray in 1880. It is not often offered by nurseries and, although not easy to propogate, I would not be without this variety.

Spring has arrived - the garden is beginning to burst with bloom.  It has been unusually warm and very dry with no rain for four weeks and, having emptied the water butts, I have resorted to using a hose on the vegetables.   Watering the plants in the  greenhouse has become an almost daily task.


Bluebell & Euphorbia

Clematis Armandiii

White 'blue' bells

Erodium trifolium

Golden leavs of Geranium 'Ann Folkard'


Hosta 'Geisha'
Hosta Pilgrim


White 'blue'bell

Coming back from a shopping trip on Saturay morning I noticed a large number of dandelion weeds which had suddenly flowered in the garden.  After lunch I set too to weed them out.  However, I was struck by how amazingly beautiful they actually are, and could not resist taking this picture.


  1. Thanks Sue. I used my new lens for some of these.

  2. We really, really, really need to get 'Freak of Nature' back in Canada. I dont know anyone with it here.

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