Tuesday 5 April 2011

Pelargonium "Shannon" - species hybrid

Species hybrid pelargonium "Shannon"

Hybridised by Jay Kapac of California, Pelargonium "Shannon" flowers profusely all summer.   The flowers are a very pretty peach colour with darker feathering on the upper two petals.  The leaves are dissected and the plant has a fairly lax growth habbit and looks good in a hanging pot.   Pelargonium "Shannon" is also known as "Silena".

More flowers in the garden:

Snakeshead Fritillary - I love the checkered patterning on the petals

Flowering Cherry - tree was bought about 3 years ago un-named.


  1. I also love the chessboard. Interestingly, if I make this possible year bloom. Yours


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