Monday 11 April 2011

Angel Pelargonium "Henry Weller" & some ace acers

"Henry Weller" - Angel Pelargonium
Hybridised by Ken Dymond and introduced in the UK in 2000, Angel Pelargonium "Henry Weller" flowers prolifically on a strong growing plant. The top petals have a white edge and feathering on maroon and the lower petals are a paler maroon colour with a white throat.   Photograph was taken at Fibrex Nursery, home of the National Collection of Pelargoniums,

I have a few acers in the garden which I have purchased in the past few years.  Some are in pots and some I have planted out.  I usually keep them in pots for a while until I have decided where to place them in the garden.  Suddenly this weekend they have all produced the most glorious coloured leaves - surely they are really good value for money?  The leaves will change colour again in the autumn, hopefully giving another wonderful display.  One has even produced flowers which the bees are buzzing around.

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  1. A beautiful pelargonium. I love Japanese maples too, they are so graceful. I love your first picture with the branch that has blooms on it.


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