Friday 25 March 2011

Stringer's Souvenir

Miniature pelargonium "Stringer's Souvenir'
Sadly I don't have Stringer's Souvenir in my collection just now - it was a victim of last year's cold winter and I have not yet replaced my plant.   

Stringer's Souvenir has light red semi double flowers which are very striking above the light green leaves which are edged in yellow. The leaves have a waxy feel to them.  I find the plant needs a lot of pinching to keep it to a good shape as it does tend to grow straggly.

The plant was hybridised by the late Rev. Stanley Stringer, well known for introducing the Deacon series of dwarf pelargoniums.  

The Pelargonium Register states that the plant had been given to Mary Spink, compiler of the Register, when visiting Rev. Stringer.  Sadly he died before the plant was named and, in consultation with Allan Shellard, "the name was chosen as a celebration for all he (Rev. Stringer) has done in a lifetime of a great breeding programme."


  1. Another beautiful geranium - my favorite flowers on the balcony. Yours

  2. Thank you for showcasing another beautiful pelargonium - I am learning so much from your blog.

  3. Hi
    I’m trying to get hold of as many of Stringers pelargoniums as possible, and always looking for more.
    Some of the early ones is really hard to find, but in the end I’m hoping to get some of them.
    Stringers Souvenir is one I already have, so if you want me to send a cutting for you I’m happy to do so. Just let me know.
    Best Wishes

  4. Hi Robert - thank you for your very kind offer of a replacement for my Stringer's Souvenir. I am going to get one when I go to Fibrex Nursery in a couple of months time. Is there anything I can look for for you? Sometimes they have plants there that are not in their current catalogue, or they will give a cutting. Not sure where you are!


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