Saturday 19 March 2011

Cy's Sunburst - a bright and scented spot in the greenhouse

Scented Pelargonium 'Cy's Sunburst'

Anyone walking into my Greenhouse on a bright and sunny morning at this time of year cannot fail to notice 'Cy's Sunburst'. This is a pelargonium that certainly lives up to its name. It glows with a brightness quite unlike any of the other pelargoniums, including the coloured leaf ones. Bright green curly leaves edged in yellow, the flowers are pale pink, with the top two petals slightly darker with feathering and blotch. 'Cy's Sunburst' is a sport of Golden Well Sweep and was introduced by Cyril Hyde of Well Sweep Herb Farm, U.S.A.

I have spent a couple of afternoons in the garden catching up with the weeding on the fine sunny days that we have had.

Plants flowering in the garden this week:-


Cyclamen coum



Helleborus foetidus


Miniature daffodils

Pansy - in window box

Viola - in hanging pot


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  1. Geraniums in the greenhouse and many plants in the garden, and envy. A snow fell in Poland and is white. Yours


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