Tuesday 29 March 2011

Crowfoot Rose - Scented pelargonium, and my garden update

"Crowfoot Rose" - Scented Pelargonium
I have to confess that I have not grown Crowfoot Rose, although I do have quite a few of the scented members of the pelargonium family.   It is, however, one that I would like to get.  I love the brightness of the bright orange pollen on the stamens - and they do rather clash with the lavender pink of the petals, but I think just adds to its charm.   The scented leaves also are fascinating - an interesting very deeply cut shape and, I guess, how the plant got its name. "Crowfoot Rose"was introduced in the USA in 1988 and my photograph was taken at the National Collection of Pelargoniums, Fibrex Nursery, near Stratford upon Avon.

We have had a fine weekend so we took advantage of the warmer weather for a day trip to the coast on Saturday.   On Sunday morning Brian helped me to replace the cover on my plastic walk-in greenhouse.  It wasn't an easy job and took longer than we thought - but it is done down and I can now get lots of seeds started off.   In the afternoon I planted out shallots and potted up lots of plants for the village Garden Club plant stand at the village Fete this year. 

Yesterday I planted out broad beans and cleared the weeds from around the 8 years old walnut tree.  This has not yet fruited, and I have read that they take about ten years to do so.  Can't wait!

Garlic, onions & shallots

Broad beans planted out with plants for Village Fete behind.

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