Saturday 16 January 2016

Turkish Delight - Dwarf zonal pelargonium

This was popular when I first started to grow pelargoniums seriously.   "Turkish Delight" has single flowers of bright orange/red .  These contrast well against the gold centred leaves with bright green edge and wide bronze zone.  It is a dwarf and compact growing pelargonium.     

"Turkish Delight" was raised by Ian Gillam in Canada and introduced there in 1984.

The weather here has become rather cold here this last week and I think is set to stay for a few more days yet.  I have had the heaters on in the greenhouses overnight, and also covering the plants with fleece.    I usually take the fleece off every morning, but today I even left it on all day, it has been so cold out.    

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  1. It's a gorgeous colour. I think the bright reds are my favourites of the pelargoniums. I have some in my cold greenhouse which are still flowering away, I don't think they're going to have a rest at all this year.


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