Monday 20 January 2014

"Copthorne" - Scented leaf Pelargonium

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how I love scented leaf pelargoniums, especially at this time of year when botrytis rules in the greenhouse, and there always seems to be a constant battle with  it.   Brushing against the leaves, of a scented pelargonium, or even just picking one up in its pot, releases the scent of summer.   

Scented Pelargonium  "Copthorne"
The scented Pelargonium "Copthorne", is a favourite of mine.  It has beautifully marked large pink flowers and looks really good in a large pot on the patio,.  I try to keep one going in a large pot in  the greenhouse over the winter.  I cut it back in the autumn, taking a few cutting at the same time.   Now the days are beginning, ever so slightly, to lengthen,  I can see that Pelargonium "Copthorne" is beginning to put on some new growth.

The leaves are tri-lobed with a scent of cedar wood, but not strongly so.  I love it for the large pink and well marked flowers.   Pelargonium "Copthorne" is a cross between the Regal “Aztec” and an “Oak leaf pelargonium, was raised by Annie Popperwell .   Thorpe nursery introduced Copthorne in 1985.   

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  1. Śliczne ma kwiatki i nie dziwię się, że lubisz tą pelargonię. Pozdrawiam.
    Cute has flowers and I am not surprised that you like the geranium. Yours.


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