Wednesday 22 September 2010

Seeing double

Caroline Plumridge

Pelargonium Caroline Plumridge is another of my purchases this year. I bought it at Sulmans sale in June.  Caroline Plumridge is listed as a dwarf zonal with single pale pink flowers and a deeper centre.  It has golden leaves with a faint zone, which can be seen in the photograph.   It was introduced by Sulmans in their 2002 catalogue.    The double is also a plant I bought at Sulmans this year and is named Chattisham.  This was hybridised by Ray Bidwell and introduced in the 1980s.  Sulmans describe it as a miniature with single pale pink flowers and salmon eye, gold leaves with fine bronze zone.   At first glance these two appear to be one and the same, but Chattisham, despite being described as a miniature does have very slightly larger flowers.    I have to admit the reason for buying the two plants was to see if there is any difference in them - they were not growing side by side at the nursery sales area, but I do have them side by side in my greenhouse, and it will be interesting to see if there is any difference in their growth habit next year.  They are both very pretty.  

I picked all the green tomatoes this morning and have stored them in the garage until we get back from France.   Also made some tomato sauce for the freezer from the glut of ripe tomatoes we have.  Some will go to France with us.

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