Friday 3 September 2010

Tip Top Angel

Tip Top Duet

A strong growing Angel Pelargonium with typical small rounded leaves with a hint of lemon.  This is a smashing Angel Pelargonium  which flowers and flowers and makes a wonderful display.  I love the way the flowers seem to grow in waves across a large plant, or plants, which I've noticed is typical in Angels.   Tip Top Duet was hybridised by Jan Taylor and introduced in 1981. 

On our way to do our weekly food shopping we called at a garden centre.  I can't resist the 'bargain basement' there and today came away with four plants, all reduced.  Not pelargoniums because these days the garden centres only seem to sell F1 hybrids - bedding plants, so I always give those a miss at this time of year.  I got a white Agapanthus, a Stokesia,  Arabis Ferdinandi-Coburgi (alpine plant)  and a Semiaquilegia 'Sugar Plum Fairy'.   Now to find somewhere to put them.

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