Thursday 2 September 2010

Charming Charmay Marjorie

Charmay Marjorie

Angel pelargoniums always make me smile - they always seem to me to be such happy plants, and this one is no exception.  Charmay Marjorie was hybridised by Ken Attfield of New South Wales, Australia and he told me that he named it for Marjorie Edwards, another well known Australian hybridiser.  Charmay is the prefix used by Ken Attfield on all his introductions.   Charmay Marjorie has typical angel pelargonium flowers of pale pink with a darker centre.  The leaves are what makes this Angel different; they are deeply cut and as is usual with most Angel Pelargoniums, there is a faint lemony scent.   And, like all Angel Pelargoniums, it flowers and flowers all summer if you keep dead heading. 

 I've been tidying up one of the greenhouses today - one down, one to go!   All plants were groomed and watered with a high potash feed.   

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