Monday 13 September 2010

Rhapsody in Pink

  Rushmoor Rhapsody

This beautiful stellar pelargonium is still in flower in my greenhouse.   Rhushmoor Rhapsody has semi double salmon pink flowers with a slightly darker centre, which is most attractive.  The leaves have a dark zone in mid green leaves, and is a fairly compact dwarf plant.

 Rushmoor Rhapsody was hybridised by Steve Pollard, another of our new hybridisers, and introduced by Gosbrook Pelargoniums in 2008.     Steve has introduced several new plants over the past few years and I will feature them in future blogs.  Many of his introductions have the pre-fix Rushmoor, all of them are strong growers and worthy of adding to any collection. 

I've been taking more cuttings today, despite saying I wouldn't due to our holiday in France later this month.   The propagator was empty, and I just could not help myself.

I have a question - When is a gooseberry bush not a gooseberry bush?   When it is a gooseberry bush purchased from the £1 store!   I bought two of them earlier this year, one red and one white; I did not want anything special, just a couple of gooseberry bushes to pop in a spare corner of the vegetable garden.  When I got them they had no leaves, just a couple of brown twigs with root balls, but the sleeve definitely stated "Gooseberry plant".  I popped them in the ground and anxiously watched them grow leaves, but I did not think they looked like gooseberry bush leaves, and they developed round buds in mid-for a gooseberry bush at summer, most unusual for that time of year.  The round buds have now opened and I have two beautiful pink hibiscus shrubs.  Not bad for £2, but I think I will get a couple of gooseberry bushes from the garden centre next year!

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