Saturday 6 November 2010

An unusual & beautiful scented pelargonium.

Mann's Genevra

This scented pelargonium has typical mauve/pink flowers with darker markings on the top petals.  It really is a beautiful scented pelargonium with an upright growth habit.   However, it is the leaves which give this plant the 'wow' factor.  Apart from the strong lemony scent when the leaves are rubbed, they are a most attractive and eye catching light green with a white edge.  

I grow this in my conservatory for most of the year. It seems to prefer the much drier and hotter conditions and I find it does not like to be watered very much at all.   I keep it just ticking over. When in the greenhouse it just does not seem happy at all.  

Mann's Genevra is a sport from Lara Nomad  and was found about about  20 years ago  (1990) by Nancy Mann on her Nursery at Dubbo, NSW, Australia. 

We went to my  favourite Garden Centre today and came home with tulip, hyacinth and camassia bulbs, all at half price, garlic bulbs (not half price), plus boxes of violas, pansies and cyclamen, an unusual white Christmas cactus, and two rolls of fleece marked down to less than half price.  I was amused at the picture on the label of fleece being thrown over a pelargonium in flower, suggesting that one layer of fleece would keep the plant growing and in flower all winter.   I think not!

I received the sad, but not unexpected, news that Vernon's Geranium Nursery has been sold.   It seems that Thompson & Morgan have purchased the mail order side of the business and the nursery will remain on site, but for how long?   

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