Saturday 20 November 2010

Unique Sport and an intruder in the greenhouse.


Phyllis is a spot of Paton's Unique.   Same single salmon pink flowers, but really striking pale green leaves edged in cream.  I have grown this, but it is difficult to propagate.   Like all variagated and coloured leaf pelargoniums cuttings are somewhat easier to strike in the spring rather than the autumn.

I found an intruder has been trying to get inside one of my greenhouses.  A mole (Talpa europaea) has left a small mound of earth just inside the door.  The base of the greenhouse has slabs and the mole hill was between two of them.   I think we may have to take up the slabs and lay a concrete base.  Obviously a job for the summer.   A mole (probably the same one) has been running around the outside of the other greenhouse and I hope it won't try to infiltrate that one.    I have had success with trapping them in the past, but I just cannot find the run for this mole.  


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