Wednesday 24 November 2010

Sweet fragrant Pelargonium sidoides

P. sidoides

Brian and I have been away for the weekend, and on our return I went into the conservatory, which had been closed.   I could not help but notice the sweet fragrance of Pelargonium sidoides which is flowering in the corner.    Although the flowers are a very dark, almost black, red, they are small .  It comes into its own at night when the scent is very noticeable.    I imagine the scent lingered because the conservatory was closed for a few days.
 P. sidoides is closely related to P. reniforne which has bright pink flowers. The leaves of both plants are a silvery grey green, which are soft to the touch.

Leaves of P. sidoides

In the Zulu language Pelargonium sidoides is Umckaloabo and means 'heavy cough'.   
The alcoholic extract of the root can be used to treat acute bronchitis and tonsillitis and can work in three ways:-
1. An expectorant.  2. Anti-bacterial.  3. Anti viral.



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