Sunday 14 November 2010

Pelargonium oblongatum hybrid

P. oblongatum x P. punctatum
One of my posts last month was of P. oblongatum.  Browsing some of my pelargonium photographs today I came across this one of P. oblongatum x P. punctatum.  I took the photograph at the Geelong Botanical Gardens when I attended the Pelargonium Conference held there in 2006.   The display of flowers on this one plant is just amazing.  Both plants are from the Horea section of Pelargoniums and Diana Miller in her book says the plants are similar, although the flowers of P. punctatum are rather narrower.  Both plants flower prolifically and grow from underground tubers.

Nerine bowdenii
I took this photo of Nerine bowdenii flowering in the garden yesterday.   It grows from a bulb which needs to be planted with the neck of the bulb at ground level and needs full sun to flower well.   Leaves appear in spring, which then die down.   The flowers appear in late October to November and last well.    Common names which Nerine bowdenii is known by are Guernsey Lily, Cape Flower and Japanese Spider Lily.

A poppy for Remembrance


  1. I recognise the P. oblongatum hybrid from Geelong Botanical Garden. There was a lot of lovely objects to photograph there.
    Nerine bowdenii looks like a lovely plant. Cannot recall I have seen it before. Guess it is not hardy here, or what do you think?

  2. I thought you might recognise the pelargonium Lena.
    I think the Nerine would only be good to grow in a pot where you are and for it to be taken indoors in the winter months.


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