Tuesday 24 August 2010

Super Nova and Prim

Super Nova

This cheerful stellar is one of my favourite pelargoniums - Super Nova was hybridised by Frances Hartsook in the USA and introduced in 1982.  Narrow petals curving inwards, and a lilac pink in colour with a white 'eye' on a dwarf plant.


I bought this plant at Sulman's sale in June and thought it looked similar to Super NovaPrim is also a dwarf stella pelargonuim with white and pale pink petals.  They are growing side by side in the greenhouse and, I think, compliment each other.

I took fifty-four zonal pelargonium cuttings this afternoon.   We also had a visit from Surrey County Council with a huge and very noisy vehicle.  They had come to clear the roots out from the land drains outside on the highway.   We hope this has solved the flooding problem we have experienced for the last couple of winters - last year I had 4" of water in one greenhouse and had to empty it completely of plants.  These all went into the other greenhouse and it all got very muddly in there.  It did the trick though and most plants came through the winter.


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