Thursday 26 August 2010

Beautiful Warrain and pots

Warrain growing in the greenhouse
Warrain growing outside

My pictures today are of a basic zonal named Warrain.  I first saw this beautiful plant at the South Australian Pelargonium Society Annual show in Adelaide about four years ago when I was visiting my family there.   I made a note of the name it was shown under - Warrancy - and decided that I would check it out when I got home.   After much searching I found it's proper name is Warrain.   It is an Australian bred plant, and was introduced in 1989 by Georyl Pelargoniums, Victoria, Australia.  I have been in contact with Beryl Stockton, owner of Georyl Pelargoniums and she does not know where it came from.  What I  have discovered is that there is a town named Warrain near Melbourne, so maybe someone named it after a place of significance for them.  To further confuse matters, I found the plant is available here in the UK with either the name Warrin, or Warrion.   However, I can confirm that it is definitely named Warrain.  I love this plant!  It has gorgeous pretty mauve pink semi double flowers.  The leaves are a beautiful lime green with a darker zone.  I have been growing this in a pot outside this summer and it is stunning!   The light has made the leaves really bright, the dark zone has become a reddish colour and the whole sets off the flowers wonderfully.    I have also been picking the flowers and putting them in a small vase indoors and they last for ages.

Pots - lots of dirty ones!   They have accumulated over the summer and, as can I see that some of the cuttings I took earlier this month are beginning to show roots, I decided that I should get a move on and clean at least some of them.  It does not take long and I really don't know why I put it off.  A large bucket of water, a dash of Jeyes Fluid  an old washing up brush, plus Marigolds, and they are soon ready to be stacked away on the shelf in the shed.  

Clean pots!


  1. Interesting about Warrancy. I remember you buying that plant.

  2. The correct name is Warrain.


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