Wednesday 25 August 2010

Silly me!

We have friends coming for supper tonight, so I've hardly been to the greenhouses as I've been doing the usual house tidying and cooking.  However, when vacuuming the window ledge in the conservatory, I absentmindedly vacuumed two of the cuttings out of their plugs!   We have a new vacuum cleaner which  is very powerful and the cuttings were no where to be seen.   So, I did pop out to the greenhouse to take two more cuttings.

Since Sunday we have been nurturing a disabled cabbage white butterfly in the conservatory.  It has bent wings and is unable to fly. Why I am doing this I do not know since cabbage whites, or rather their offspring the caterpillers, are the bane of my life on the brasicas in the kitchen garden.   I have been giving it drops of sugar water - I don't know if this is right or not, but it seems to enjoy it.   One thing it does not seem to like is the scented pelargonium, but is quite happy on a basic zonal.

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