Wednesday 18 August 2010

The start of a Pelargonium Year

Where do you start with a blog?  My parents would say "start at the beginning" - so I start this blog with what I am doing with my favourite plants at this time of year.   And this time of year is really the beginning of the year for a pelargonium grower.   It is the time to take cuttings.  I have made a start with about 50 cuttings, mainly stellars, but some scented and one zonal.   I don't have a posh propagator, just two small and two large basic heated propagators.    The small ones are in the conservatory and the larger ones in one of my two greenhouses.  So far I have filled both the smaller ones with Fertiss plugs and cuttings.   One of the conservatory propagators is housed within a super little light construction - using just a shaving strip light - made for me by my husband. Just a frame with a 'roof' on top which is lined with silver foil, to deflect the light down, and housing the shaving light. I know this is not a proper growing light, but it works for me and allows me to take cuttings of precious plants in the midst of winter when the days are short.   Here are pictures of cuttings taken to date.

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