Sunday 22 August 2010

A day at Wisley

Yesterday I met my cousin and her daughter at Wisley.  I am lucky that I live fairly near to Wisley and as a member of the RHS am able to visit often throughout the year.  Pat and her daughter Sarah came down by coach from the Midlands. 

In the glasshouse was a display of fuchsias, and several local fuchsia societies also had displays there.  An ideal opportunity for them to enrol more members.

It is quite sad that the glasshouse does not have more pelargoniums in the arrid section - I can only ever find three of the species: P. abrotanifolium, P. tetragonum and P.stipulaceum

Pelargonium tetragonum

I took this photo of P. tetragonum in the glasshouse.  This is one of my favourite species which is found naturally growing in rocky areas of southern South Africa.  The plant is a succulent type - the leaves being small and spaced well apart on the square stems. The flowers are unusual in that they only have four petals instead of five.   In the wild it sprawls through other plants and can reach a height of up to 2 metres.   My own plant has been outside all summer and has enjoyed the fine weather we have had this year.  I keep it in check by cutting it back periodically.        . 

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