Tuesday 23 August 2011

Eskay Ruby - celebrating another journey

Last weekend Brian and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, so my second celebratory pelargonium is the Angel, Eskay Ruby, hybridised by Des Glover. This is a fairly recent introduction, but frustratingly I have been unable to establish exactly when Des introduced this one. I love the contrast of the ruby red petals very finely edged in white with the very clearly defined white throat.

Earlier this month the village Gardening Club held their second annual show in the delightful garden of one of our members.  It was a huge success with double the entries we had for our first show last year. 


  1. Hi Gwen, Reading your blog with interest! I love the colour of the pelargonuim in your first picture - it's so vibrant and beautiful & your village gardening club's annual show looks fantastic. I wish we did one here!

  2. Hi Ali - glad you are enjoying my blog. The show was great fun and our members are enjoying their exhibiting experience. If you want to put on a show for your club, would be happy to help.


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