Monday 1 August 2011

Zonal Pelargonium "Silver Wings"

Bi-coloured silver leaf pelargonium "Silver Wings"
Single very pale lavender flowers on a dwarf bi-coloured silver leaf plant, "Silver Wings" in full flower is a stunning plant.   Hybridised by the late Neville West, brother of the late Brian West who hybridised so many of the modern pelargoniums.  It was  Neville who introduced his brother Brian to hybridising pelargoniums.  "Silver Wings" was introduced around 1985.

It seems appropriate that I feature Pelargonium "Silver Wings"as I have recently returned from a fantastic two weeks holiday to California.  I went to visit my friend Sandy, who had arranged the most amazing trip to visit so many other pelargonium growers.  It was so nice to meet up with pelargonium enthusiasts I had met before, and many others I have corresponded with and others I had known of but never met.   Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I had the most wonderful time.

When I left home at the end of  June the garden was very green.  On my return it was almost a blaze of colour.  Needless to say, there were a lot of weeds which I have been slowly clearing.  My husband had very kindly watered the greenhouses and pots.

I was  dreading visiting the allotment, but was pleasantly surprised at how few weeds there were and how well the vegetables had fared.  My grandson (5 years), younger son and I dug a row of potatoes, and lifted the onions. 

Tuesday is the day of the village Garden Club second Annual Show.  I took on the position of Show Secretary so have been busy with last minute preparations for the show.  Monday is the day the Entries have to be in so I hope there will be a steady stream of visitors to my door.

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