Saturday 8 January 2011

Doreen - A Show Beauty

Pelargonium 'Doreen'

Hybridised by the late John Ecclestone, Pelargonium 'Doreen' makes a good show plant.  Delicate apricot/peach double flowers on a dwarf stocky plant which has plain green leaves.    

Although this is a plant that will look good on the show bench, I am a sucker for buying plants with names of people I know.   This was purchased because Brian has an aunt of the same name of whom we are both very fond.

Seeds update:  Most of the bee cross pelargonium seeds I 'sowed' in the petri dishes on Wednesday are beginning to show rootlets.    The species do not appear to be doing anything. As I've never sown species seeds before I don't know if this is normal, but I suspect it is because the seed was a couple of years old, and were given to me by a friend.   I have ordered more from the Alpine Garden Society Seed List, and when they arrive I will make sure I sow them straight away.

Ordered vegetable seeds from Medwyns of Anglesey today.

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  1. I believe the species seeds must be bad. The ones that is good starts to sprout within 24 hours. And most of them show a green colour in the opening (if you have scratched them) within about 3-10 hours. I can see no differense between species and hybrids (except for the size somethimes!)I 'hatch' my pellies seeds all the time now and have a success rate of about 90 % = a small plant to transplant into soil within 3-5 days. Not too bad I think!
    Good luck!/Lena


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