Thursday 27 January 2011

Beautiful flowers & scented leaves with a scary parent.

Roller's Satinique

A complete contrast to it's parent, Roller's Satinique is a a seedling of Voodoo which has dark scarlet single flowers with black centre. Roller's Satinique has scented leaves and an abundance of really pink single flowers with darker feathery markings on the upper petals.   Hybridised by Carol Roller of California,  

Flowering now in the house is my Ludisia Orchid.  When it is not flowering visitors mistake this for a tradescantia as the growth habit is very similar with spreading stems and similar shaped leaves.  Flowering in December, the Ludisia's white flowers on long stems are very pretty, but quite insignificant compared to the most beautiful leaves.  These are a dark velvety brownish green with pink stripes which remind me of  the pin striped suits worn by a City Gent (I won't tell you which one!).  If you shine a torch on the leaves at night they twinkle with what appears to be millions of tiny stars.  Keep it in a shady spot all year and, as with all orchids, water very sparingly.

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