Sunday 23 January 2011

A Green Goddess

Ivy Leaf Pelargonium 'Green Goddess'   

I think this flower is just stunning and so unusual with lilac petals and a green centre.   Ivy Leaf ' Green Goddess' was hybridised by Francis Parmenter and released in the U.K. in 1988.  It is a compact grower and lends itself perfectly to exhibiting:-

Ivy Leaf Pelargonium 'Green Goddess'

This plant was grown and exhibited by Peter Lancaster at the last British Pelargonium & Geranium Society Show at Capel Manor in 2008.   Peter won a well deserved First for this plant in the UK Open Championship Class for One 8" Hanging Pot, Ivy Leaf or Hybrid Ivy Leaf Cultivars.

David Taylor of Gosbrook Pelargoniums ( very kindly brought the pelargonium cuttings I had ordered along to a meeting we were both attending last Saturday.  They are all up to the usual high standard that this nursery provides.  The light green stellar, bottom left, is Damilola that I wrote about last week,  the green stellar and the green zonal are Cowes and Cherry, both miniatures and replacement plants,  The silver variegated stellars are Red Glitter and Silver Glitter and the coloured leaf zonal is Warrenorth Platinum.    These last three are for a friend.

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