Friday 10 December 2010

A scented reminder of summer

Pelargonium 'Bode's Peppermint'

During the last two weeks of freezing weather, I have to admit to not visiting the greenhouses much, apart from opening the doors for brief spells and then going out to close them after an hour or so.   But when I do venture inside I make a point of checking over the plants to remove any flowers and leaves that have died off.   I do this as often as I can to prevent botrytis which can very quickly take hold on a plant in these cold and damp conditions.  Reaching over the plants means brushing against the scented pelargoniums which releases a brief reminder of summer, particularly the lemon scented ones.   Bode's Peppermint is, as the name suggests, more pepperminty, but still pleasant.  Sometimes known as Bode's Peppermint Rose, this attractive pelargonium was introduced in the USA by Fred Bode in 1955.

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