Monday 13 December 2010

Off with their heads!

No, I'm not an anarchist, nor am I rehearsing for the village pantomime!   I spent a happy couple of hours in the greenhouses on Sunday morning deadheading the pelargoniums.    I dislike taking off the flower heads, and I have to admit to leaving a few on some of the plants.  They remind me of summer, but I can't leave them long, and I will have to check again in a day or two.   The flowers don't last long in any case in the chilly weather.  The petals are thin and quickly succumb to botrytis when they begin the die off.    Taking off the flowers gives me a good chance to check over the plants for any likely problems, like blackleg or rust.  Thankfully no blackleg, but I did fine one plant with rust.  I carefully removed the plant to outside the greenhouse and sprayed it with a fungicide.  I have brought this plant into the conservatory to keep a close check on it.  I carefully checked the surrounding plants for any signs of rust.  Fortunately I did not find any, but I sprayed those plants as a precaution.  I also watered the plants, being careful to water into the saucers in order to keep water off the leaves.

Pelargonium 'Vectis Glitter'
Some folk like spotted petals, and I have to admit that they are unusual.  Vectis Glitter is a stellar type pelargonium with single white flowers that are splashed with red.   It was hybridised by the late Brian West and introduced in 1995. 

My photo was taken at the National Collection of Pelargoniums held at Fibrex Nursery at Pebworth, near Stratford-upon-Avon.

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  1. Terrible that you have to dead head them! I think it is one of the draw backs with the English weather; the humidity. Here the flower can be left. It is very dry in my greenhouse. That make it possible to have very low temperature when necessary due to very cold outside. Hardly no mould and I do not think we have rust on our pellies here in Sweden at all. Brought some back from UK, but it dissapeard after a while.
    A little comfort for us living here:-)


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