Friday 29 October 2010

An Elegant Yellow Pelargonium

P. oblongatum

An elegant and beautiful species pelargonium from northern Namaqualand on the north west coast of South Africa.  The name, P. oblongatum, refers to the oblong underground tuber which can grow to 15 cm and the plant needs to be kept dry during its dormant period. The flowers are large and the colour is the most beautiful butter-yellow.  My photo's were taken during a visit to the National Collection of Pelargoniums at Fibrex Nursery.  

I went to the Woking Fuchsia & Pelargonium Club last evening. The topic was orchids and I picked up a couple of tips on growing the orchids I have.   And there were some lovely slides as well.  I did not realise what a large family of plants they are, even bigger than the geraniaceae family.

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