Thursday 21 October 2010

Found at Kew

P. Kewense
Pelargonium Kewense (or sometimes Kewensis) was found at Kew Gardens around 1934 and is thought to be a cross between P. scandenss  and P. zonale.  I think P. Kewense has the most beautiful red of all the pelargoniums.  The single crimson red flowers are quite unlike any of the other red pelargoniums.  It is a dwarf plant which I find grows into a well branched plant almost by itself and is in flower most of the summer.  Although P.zonale is said to be one of the parents, it does not appear to have the usual  horseshoe shape zone on the leaf.    Pelargonium Kewense is well worth adding to your collection.

I've been putting up the bubble wrap on the second greenhouse today - although a larger greenhouse, it is not so high as the first one and so is much easier for me to deal with without resorting to a ladder.  

So all the plants are wrapped up for the winter.   Of course, I have far too many plants, and what will I do when they all begin to grow?  Some have been eliminated, but quite obviously not enough as I have run out of room and need to juggle them all around again.   But it's a good excuse to be out in the greenhouse

We had our first really heavy frost last night  - minus 4C.  Fortunately I had covered the plants in the greenhouse with fleece so they were not affected.  But the dahlias are now blackened, so I will be lifting them this weekend.

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