Friday 15 October 2010

Pelargonium 'Rococo'


A stunning plant this - it has large clusters of beautiful pink flowers which open like rosebuds.   Rococo is a hybrid ivy leaf pelargonium and was introduced in the U.S.A. in 1981.  

A hybrid ivy leaf plant is a cross between a zonal pelargonium and an ivy leaf pelargonium. It has an upright growth habit.  The leaves are shaped more or less like a zonal pelargonium, but have a firmer feel to them, and this one has a zone.

I took some ivy leaf cuttings this afternoon.  I put these in Root Trainers using a seed and cuttings compost with added fine sand.  I find I can keep them in these all winter until I need them in the spring.   

Root Trainers are available in two sizes - basic 4" deep, or deeper 4 1/2".   They are unique propogating cell system providing a deep root run which avoids root disturbance.  Each row of five cells opens out like a book.  There are ten of these giving 50 cells which fit into a frame.  There is a clear cover for those cuttings or seeds that need warmth, but this is  not necessary for pelargoniums.  I use the clear cover as a tray in which the frame sits and I water into this.

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